Bluetooth Sharing for Lumia Devices

One feature that is not found on Windows Phone is been the ability to share files via Bluetooth.

This was an enormously important selling point of feature and smartphones just a few years ago, but recently has not really seen much spotlight. There are perhaps a couple of reasons for this, firstly that it is just not that relevant any more. It has been superseded by the more power efficient and simpler to use NFC, which has found its way into many more systems than Bluetooth seemed to, such as payment systems. Secondly, there is the iPhone effect - iPhone users don't have Bluetooth, so why do other phones need it?

Well Lumia owners just got an a nice app that seems to work really well, and enables you to transfer music and pictures to and from your Nokia Lumia. Whilst there are a few apps already in the Store that offer this function, being given an app direct from Nokia is certainly pleasant. It's a little restricted, in that to do any actual transfer you need to be in the app itself, and seems to only work for music files (Non DRM, obviously) or image files, but what it does, it does well. Simply open it up, pan to either the send or receive section, and you have the option to pair with any nearby phone. The app itself will remember paired devices, so you can receive/send multiple files on different occasions without having to pair again.

As a means to fill a small gap in the Windows Phone feature set, the app does a very good job, and can be downloaded here from the Store now!

Author: Daniel Plummer

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