Jelly Bean has sweetened 10% of ‘droids

According to Google's recently released figures, the latest incarnation of Android, Jelly Bean, is now on more than 10% of devices.

Currently, this is split between version 4.1 which stands at 9%, and the newer 4.2 which currently has 1.2%. While it may not be any where near the amount of it's older brethren Gingerbread which still commands an impressive 47.4% of Android devices, for the small time frame it has had to build up percentage, it's done pretty well and done it quicker than Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) did.

If it continues at the rate it is currently, and manufacturers/carriers allow Jelly Bean on more and more devices, we should hopefully find it catching up to ICS (currently at 29.1%) and Gingerbread quite soon. One would hope that the Nexus 4, flagship Jelly Bean device, being priced so competitively would encourage other manufacturers to follow suit, put I personally think that's very wishful thinking.

If you fancy a quick insight into the growth of the various incarnations of Android that are currently floating around, I'd recommend having a read through Google's information, as it gives quite a good all round view of the various Android versions and devices and that are currently out there, as well as specific information on the features of each one.


Author: Daniel Plummer

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