Windows Phone Sales up 400% Over Last Holiday Season

With all the speculation running wild about Windows Phone sales with no real numbers to back them up Microsoft CEO himself Steve Ballmer took the stage at Qualcomm's keynote where he made the following statement:

"The new Windows Phones are incredible," he said. "In November, we reported that sales were four times greater than the same time last year, and during the week of Christmas, we sold five times more phones than the same week last year."

While these are real numbers they are also numbers that Microsoft is clearly picking and choosing for statements. I mean "...during the week of Christmas, we sold five times more phones than the same week last year."  If that is not cherry picking sales numbers to make them look better I don't what is. That being said what did sales number look at during the 4th Qtr?

According to the best source on these matters Gartner 2,759,000 Windows Phones were sold in Q4 2011 so using the more reliable number of four times of the sales of last year Windows Phone sold slightly over 11 million units in the 4th Qtr of 2012.

So how many phones is this relative to all phone sales? It's a pretty good chunk actually. To put it in perspective AT&T had a record setting 4th Qtr in smartphone terms by sell 10 million smartphones... So to put it in tangible terms picture every smartphone that AT&T sold in the 4th quarter being a Windows Phones than add one million on top of that. Soon we will have real numbers to go by and we will see if Ballmer's figures hold true or if he is simply spinning the numbers.


Author: Kevin Everett

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