Android Jellybean 4.2.2 Already Released?

While the last official build of Android Jelly Bean OS launched is Android 4.2.1 it seems that some Google Nexus 4 buyers may be getting a taste of the future so to speak. It seems that some Nexus 4 devices are now shipping with the unreleased version of Android 4.2.2.


The above screenshot is suppose to be have taken from a Google Nexus 4 device "for Malaysian consumers" and if that was the only screenshot there was I would not even be reporting it... However another screenshot popped up showing the exact same thing but this time the device is from Brazil.

While both of these screen shots could be fakes easily enough I really don't think they are. Also to be noted was that neither of the sites that reported having the 4.2.2 versions of Jelly Bean have reported any difference in the operating system itself.


Author: Kevin Everett

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