UPDATE: “Real PureView” Nokia Windows Phone Coming this Year?

When everyone in the Nokia community heard that the Nokia Lumia 920 was going to be a Pure View device there was overjoy about it. Than everyone found out it was a different type of PureView and there was some disappointment. However now if the report from the Verge is true soon there will be a 41mp PureView Windows Phone coming this year!

This report states that the phone (codenamed EOS) "will will include a similar sensor that's found on Nokia's 808 PureView handset." This device is rumored to be made of aluminum much like the device code named "Catwalk" expected to launch early 3rd Qtr this year.

There is no rumored date besides "later this year" but I will have to assume it will launched 4th Qtr during the Holiday season. Hmm... Looks like I already know what my Christmas list will have on it this year already.

UPDATE:  Now there is a rumor that the 41mp Windows Phone will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress this year..this was found on WMPoweruser

[Exclusive] Nokia to launch project EOS at #MWC13: a Lumia 920 with 41Mpx Pure View camera. Also metal body Lumias.

— Flavio (@flapic) January 22, 2013


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