nokiadrive 500x186 Nokia Drive+ is Now Available for All WP8 Devices in US, UK and Canada

When I got an HTC WP 8X to test I confused to say the least by lack of availability of Nokia Drive. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that Nokia was going to provide maps for all Windows Phone 8 devices as part of their agreement with Microsoft however I couldn't download the app to 8X. Well it seems that if I would test that same 8X today I couidl download Nokia Drive+ to it. Nokia has announced that it is now available for all WP8 devices in the US, UK, and Canada.

Why is this such a big deal you say? Nokia Drive is the ONLY fully offline maps on Windows Phone plus it has turn by turn navigation. As I was looking around the web for proof of this I found this picture from Nokia Innovation of an HTC 8X with Nokia Drive+ loaded onto it.

8xdrive 500x284 Nokia Drive+ is Now Available for All WP8 Devices in US, UK and Canada

If you have a non Lumia Windows Phone 8 device I suggest you download Nokia Drive to it.  You will thank me later when your "lost" and can find your way home easily.


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