Rumor: A Nokia Flagship Device Called “Laser” is Coming to Verizon

If The Verge's source is correct it looks like Verizon and Nokia will be back in business in a major way very shortly. It seems that the rumored "Catwalk device" will not be the only thing Nokia will be unveiling in the near future. Nope it will also have phone for Verizon...a big brother of sorts to the Lumia 920 codenamed "Laser".

This Nokia "Laser" (Am I the only one picturing Dr. Evil doing air quotes every time I read "Laser"?) is going to be a flagship device for Verizon and will be pushed heavily at the retail level. This is great news for all involved Nokia, Verizon, and most importantly the Verizon customer themselves.


Author: Kevin Everett

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