19 500x250 Nokia Lumias Touch Screen and Gloves... Winter Was Never so Warm

As I was going out to my car the other morning in the cold, cold dead of winter, (by cold I mean -16C) I noticed a ton of people with a glove on one hand and none on the other. Why would you go glove-less in such weather? To check your phone of course! Me on the other hand had both gloves on. Don't get me wrong I was also checking my phone it's just that I have Nokia Lumia 820 with it's super sensitive touch screen. That made me think about how thick my winter gloves are and how amazing it is that I can use my phone wearing them. Also got me wondering how thick can your gloves be and have the phone still working with them? Below is a video that tests just that with a Nokia Lumia 920.

While this may not seem like a big deal to some of you for those of us who live in places with cold autumns, and downright frigid winters it's a life saver.


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