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Windows Phone 8 is filled to the brim with Twitter clients and my personal favorite out of all of them has to be Rowi.  The interface is "metro",  pure and clean, the updates are faster than on any other client, plus it's a joy to use.   That being said it could use some tweaks here and there this update simply fills in some of those gaps and makes it a more complete Twitter Client.  Take a look at the change log below:

rowiupdate 500x327 Windows Phone 8 Twitter Client Rowi Gets New Features With Update

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved network performance
  • Live Tile behavior change that clears mentions and direct messages counts when Rowi loads
  • Profile followers/following lists are in correct order
  • Instructions in settings on how to access multiple accounts
  • Support for SkyDrive image previews
  • Setting to show user display names instead of Twitter usernames

If anyone would like to check out Rowi further you can check out the paid version here. There is a free version also if that's your thing but trust me this app is worth the $1.49 to get rid of the ads and gain the push notifications.


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