Windows Phone Twitter Client Rowi is Bringing Back Colored Tiles With Next Update

Rowi let it leak on their Facebook page that they will soon have a clear tile available for it's Windows Phone 8 users. Right now the live tile on start screen is black... that's all, no choice black. Soon however Rowi will give you the option of a clear tile which lets your accent color come through. (If the tile is black it blocks the color from coming through.) 

While is not something new in general being that all tiles you see in your accent color are clear it is something that was missing from Window Phone 8 version of the app. Rowi themselves state it like this:

"Sorry to tease (because we're not quite ready to ship this yet), but for those Rowi for Windows Phone 8 users who don't like the new default black tile, you'll be able to change it to the accent color if you'd like.

We're sure that will make some of you happy, right? :)"

When pressed about why they would change the tile color to black and not keep it the same accent tile color (or "clear") like it was on previous versions they had this to say:

" is our branding (and always has been) and matches our Windows 8 application and lots of people have actually request the black tile. Believe it or not, many people on Windows Phone actually like having their tiles all look different!"

This change back to the clear tiles was done based on customer feedback via Twitter, Facebook, and their own user voice site.  Rowi is my Twitter client of choice and yes I am very happy to see my clear tile comeback since I really didn't care for the back tile and I gave them feedback on this exact issue.


Author: Kevin Everett

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