The Nokia Tablet Leak is False it is Simply a Promo Image

Coming from the "that didn't take long department" it seems that the leaked image that we reported on yesterday of Nokia's upcoming tablet is simply part of some promo material that was put out with the Nokia Lumia 620 last month in China.  In fact now that we have a clearer view of the image even the "Nokia Lumia"  in this picture is not running Windows Phone it seems to be running a version of Windows 8.

When My Nokia Blog reached out to Nokia themselves on this leak Nokia had this to say:

That's not a leak. That is a picture that simply shows WP UI alongside Win8 Tablet UI alongside Xbox UI. They are not Nokia specific products.

This is not to say that Nokia does not have a tablet coming in the near future (Nokia has shown great interest in this department) it's simply stating that the tablet you see in the picture is not it.


Author: Kevin Everett

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