Should Windows Phone be Aiming for the Low End Market?

Above you see the top for selling devices on Expansys USA this week. Note anything in common with these devices? They are all Windows Phone yes, they are all imports and they are all "low end" devices here in the states. This makes me wonder why Microsoft is not launching these smartphone in all markets. Is Windows Phone missing a huge opportunity by not leveraging these devices at this price point?

I'd say they are missing out. While these devices will not be iPhone beaters they will capture an important market. This the market of first time smartphone buyers who are not loyal to any one operating system yet. Lets face once you have an Android or iOS device under your belt you are much less likely to switch since you have money in apps and all your email, photo's, maps, etc... sunk into a particular eco-system.  Low end devices are "gateway" devices that will get you into an eco-system and will lead you into more expensive devices.

This market is very important to any OS and Windows Phone is an OS that can not afford to miss any opportunity at this point in the game. If Microsoft can get capture these "first timers" Windows Phone success will be much more rapid. All of these "low end" smart phones need to brought to all markets ASAP the first timer smartphone buyers market is dwindling fast if Microsoft waits to long this window of opportunity will close for good.


Author: Kevin Everett

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