Sprint to Sell Windows Phone Devices “by summer”

Sprint was the last of the major US carriers to hold out on having Windows Phone devices in their line up. They were on the "wait and see" plan when it came to the operating system. Now they have announced:

Sprint plans to offer a pair of Windows Phone 8 smartphones by summer 2013. These initial devices will offer a robust operating system and lots of innovative features, all enhanced by Sprint's Truly UnlimitedSM Data plans, all while on the Sprint network.

I will be very interested in seeing what two devices they pick to sell. My guess here is the Samsung ATIV S and HTC Windows Phone 8X. I don't really expect to see any Nokia Lumia devices on their line up this early. Nokia is very keen on making devices tailored for specific carriers stateside and my thought is they will be aiming all their CDMA devices at Verizon.


Author: Kevin Everett

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