Nokia Lumia 928 to Have Solar Charging?

I am going to drop this squarely in the rumor category for now but there is news floating around that the Nokia Lumia 928 may have solar charging as one of it's features. To sum up what we know  both the Nokia Lumia 928 and a solar powered smart phone was supposed be unveiled by Nokia at Mobile World Congress neither showed up. Nokia has been posting pictures on their official pages of just a Nokia Lumia in direct sunlight in some type of tease ad. Nokia and Sun Group Partners have been working together to develop something  and Sun Group has this "Wysips technology" who's only goal is to solar charge smartphones.

Wysips or "What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface" helps to have a solar battery on the display screen. A transparent photovoltaic component technology incorporating solar collectors in any display surface. This device fits below or above the touch screen of the mobile. Wysips is meant to be able to ensure 30 minutes of talking time after one hour charging on light. Best part is that Wysips would add less than $1 extra cost in the phone's prime cost.

The company tells that their R&D has succeeded in achieving a 90% transparency rate and that their technology has no effect on visual quality or screen functions and is therefore optimal for the touchscreens of smart phones."

Further, it is 0.5 millimeters or less in thickness and its two major advantages are transparency and power. Power means in this case that "it can already generate 5.8 milliwatts-peak per cm2.

"Integrated during the manufacturing process, below or on top of the touchscreen, it is connected to an electronic chip that converts and manages the energy produced. The photovoltaic component is recharged along with the device battery by exposure to natural sunlight or artificial light."

Again this is only a rumor... however all the cards are in place for Nokia to start weening you off your charger and to extend the life of your battery.


Author: Kevin Everett

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