Windows Phone User Switches to Android: A Month Long Experiment

It has occurred to me that I have been using Windows Phone devices non-stop for almost a year and half now while most of the general readership out there has been using Android devices. Being a Nokia user most of my life I have looked at Android from a distance and thought "that is what Symbian could have been if Nokia played their cards right in developing it." Android is very "Symbian like" in the many surface features and this means perhaps I could be happy using it for a while. So I have decided to shelve my Nokia Lumia 822 for AN ENTIRE MONTH and use only an Android device.

First step was to get an Android device... While it is not a Samsung this, or an HTC that it is a suitable powered "off brand" 1.2Ghz Dual Core Phablet with a 6 inch screen, 8mp shooter, a whopping 3600mah battery, running Android 4.1.1.

Also I forgot to mention that it is an orange phone and it's super sexy.

I have already installed Nova Launcher and a RAM Booster to make sure what ever bloatware OS that comes pre installed doesn't affect my experience plus that RAM Booster will automatically free up RAM if I have less than 90Mb to spare. This should prevent any "Android lag" during the month of my experiment. Just as an aside if I decide to switch back to Windows Phone at the end of the month this device will stay as my personal tablet at home.

I have had this device since March 20th and have set up three home screens with apps, widgets and have reloaded my tray with what suits me best. During this month I am wide open to questions, app suggests you have for me or even tips on how to get more out of my device. Quickest way of getting them to me is sending me a tweet or leaving it in the comments section.

I plan to update my progress on this experiment once a week every Wednesday night so expect it on every Thursday starting this Thursday the  28th of March. However if there is demand for it I will update more frequently. Wish me luck!


Author: Kevin Everett

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