Windows Phone nudges iOS aside in 7 markets, BB in 26

Windows Phone Market Share Increases

Some interesting news coming in from the Microsoft quarters, is Mr. Frank Shaw's (VP -Corporate Communications) announcement regarding Windows Phone sales. The announcement states that WP has overtaken iOS in as much as 7 markets around the world and BlackBerry in an astounding 26 markets.

At first read this might sound quite impressive, but then again which are those markets Mr.Shaw? He doesn't reveal that unfortunately. Anyhow, this might come as a relief for the Silicon Valley bigwigs who are working persistently to push the WP platform above the threshold currently dominated by Android and iOS.

Another statistic reveals that WP now has 10% market share in most countries. I think this is the right time for Microsoft to expand their efforts in making this a truly dominating platform by pouring tons of apps into the Windows Marketplace and tweaking the UI to make it more user friendly.


Author: Amol Nair

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