BlackBerry R10 photo leaked

According to the latest leaks BlackBerry is going to release a new series of BlackBerry 10 devices as the BlackBerry R10 photo leaked the net.

There is not much info regarding the handset but it looks like the BlackBerry R10 will be a Curve successor and according to BlackBerry Empire  the handset will feature a 8GB of internal storage, microSD card slot and 1.800mAh battery.

The BlackBerry R10 is expected to be released this summer or early fall (between the Q3 and Q4) and will retail around $300-$400 without contract.

To be honest after the Z10 and Q10 I was expecting BlackBerry to release a low end QWERTY handset. What do you say about the R10?


Author: Pece Andonoski


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