How Much Personal Information Are You Giving to Facebook With the Facebook Phone?

The "Facebook Phone" is finally here after years of rumors and oddly enough it turned out simply to be a Facebook launcher that you can install on any Android device. While there is no doubt some people will buy this device (or download the launcher) the first question they have to ask is exactly how much personal information am I giving Facebook?

I mean lets face it Facebook is a service that you pay nothing for and they are their to make money. So if you are not paying for Facebook that means that some else is. That person is advertisers and you are the product they are selling to the advertisers. This phone on the surface seems like the perfect thing to get even more product personal information to give to the advertisers right?

So what information will Facebook be collecting here?

  • Facebook Home collects information on all Facebook activity, location, messages, and what apps you've launched. This information is kept for 90 days.
  • Incoming text messages are intercepted by Facebook to place on the Home interface before you see them. It is unclear right now what Facebook does (if anything with this information.)
  • If Home comes pre-installed Facebook will access to all of the above, plus third-party notifications.
  • Facebook Home can't see what you do on other Play store apps that you downloaded.

Here is what Facebook has to say on this subject:

Facebook Home doesn't use location in any way that's different from the Facebook app you already have on your Android phone. You can learn about how location works across Facebook in our Data Use Policy and Help Center.

It's almost the same information they collect now on an Android mobile device except that now you have to look at Facebook every-time you open your phone. I prefer to keep Facebook out of my business personally and use an app called TinFoil (which stops personal info from being collected) however downloading the Facebook Launcher doesn't really seem to give Facebook any more power over your personal information as they had before.


Author: Kevin Everett

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