Nokia News: Lumia 928 Screen Size Confirmed/EOS To be Nokia’s First Quad Core Device?

Lets start with what we "know as fact"...Above you see the Nokia Lumia 928's screen a company call Etrade Supply got their hands on it and can confirm it's rumored dimensions of being slightly taller and skinner than the Nokia Lumia 920. Also to be noted is that from this screen they can tell that Nokia's new 928 device will be AMOLED and not LCD like the previous Windows Phone devices. Now onto the Nokia Lumia EOS rumors...

It seems that the Nokia Lumia EOS could be Nokia's first Quad Core device ever. According to rumors Nokia is debating right now if this device should be a dual core or a quad core one. If the rumored release date is correct the quad core device will be supported by Windows Phone at the time of release. This is because GRD3 is rumored to support it and both the GDR3 and EOS are to be released this holiday season.

Other rumors about this device are:

  • AMOLED display
  • double tap to wake
  • FM Transmitter
  • "sleeping screen"
  • 41mp camera
  • OIS floating lens
  • xenon flash

The Nokia EOS is also rumored to be another AT&T exclusive device just like the the Lumia 920 was. If the most of the rumored spec are true on the Lumia EOS it will be a great holiday season for AT&T and Nokia.


Author: Kevin Everett

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