Instagraph and Metrogram “Merging” Soon

Since the dawn of Windows Phone there was no way to upload your photographs to Instagram which was fixed by Instagraph. However you couldn't look at or comment your friends photographs on this service. Metrogram is one of the best apps on Windows Phone to comment and like but you can't upload photographs. The solution? How about merging the two?

This is exactly what the two companies behind these two apps are doing. According to Windows Phone Central right now you’ll still need two apps, but these apps will talk to each other making your life a lot easier. There is an expectation in the near future that both these apps will merge into one unified app experience.  This should be a great non-official way to get your Instagram fix on your Windows Phone 8 device.

I put the QR codes for both below however be warned however the Instagraph app is a paid app that costs $2.49.

Author: Kevin Everett

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