Facebook is Killing 3rd Party Apps for Windows Phone Devices

In what could be Facebook trying to leverage the most ad dollars it could possibly get out it's mobile users  they sent a letter to Microsoft demanding that apps that "infringe Facebook's trademark" be removed from the Windows Phone store. This means that most 3rd party apps that make your Facebook experience better on your Windows Phone device will be disappearing very shortly.

You can check out the full list of affected apps below.

 Full List of affected apps

Cat Apps Facebook*
AnKo Software Facebook
Devil70Soft Facebook++
CruelGames Facebook
Blue Monster Facebook+
FarPost Facebook
KittyDev Facebook HD
FlooNetwork Facebook+
DeepFrozenApps facebook Touch
Abhijeet Rai Facebook
chillware Facebook Glance
Paulo Rogério Martins Marques Facebook
CambO Facebook Viewer
wami apps Facebook Pro
Orange Developers Facebook Lite
JDB Pocketware Facebook
Ostrich in Jeans Facebook For WP8
AnKo Software Facebook Pro
Satvik Jagannath Mobile Facebook
Denham Software Solutions Facebook Trivia
Soule LReneral Facebook Touch
Cat Apps Facebook App
casaro Facebook for PC
ProjektGoteborgApps Touch Facebook
DeepFrozenApps facebook Pro
Cat Apps Facebook* Pro
FlooNetwork Facebook WP8 beta
Raju Grewal Facebook All Devices
micbangkok Facebook M+
FlooNetwork Facebook+ Pro
wami apps Facebook Pro
FarPost Facebook Pro
CruelGames Facebook Pro
Cat Apps Facebook App Pro
Srikanth A Nair Page Manager
Mercury Syndicate LLC Facebook Metro
Verse Software Facebook Pro
SmartCode Facebook Pro
mosko.mobi Fim Chat
JDB Pocketware Social Scout (free)

If you wanted to download a new Facebook app I suggest you do it soon before it's no longer available to download. This seems like a bad PR move for Facebook sadly I don't think any real harm will come to them from it.


Author: Kevin Everett

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