Nokia Partners With App Camera 360

It was just announced that Nokia has partnered with the makers of the App Camera 360 and it will be pre-installed on the Lumia 925 following its sales start in China from 28 June 2013. The app Camera 360 is currently free and available to all Windows Phone users however the Lumia 925 users will get updates to Camera 360 for their devices before everyone else.


I have downloaded this app on my Lumia 920 and first impressions is that the interface awesome! It has a simple switcher on it almost like the new camera interface for Samsung devices.

However in my mind this is where the awesome ends. As soon as switch to a different mode there is an automatic filter that applies itself to your pictures and then you have to swipe through all the filters to try to take a normal unfiltered picture thus making it take longer to take your picture. There are also a bunch of other "film settings" in this app which I will probably never use but some would find very useful.

No one seems to know why Nokia and Camera 360 entered into this partnership however my guess is that Camera 360 is paying Nokia somehow either in actual money or perhaps with the right to the user interface at a later date. I am personally hoping it's the interface because while the auto filters on this app annoy me something awful the interface is smooth as butter.


Author: Kevin Everett

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