BBM for Android and iPhone adds 20 million new users

BlackBerry Messenger, once available exclusively to users of the fourth-place BlackBerry OS, added millions of new users to its platform since it opened support for Android and iOS. What does this mean for BBM going forward?

For starters, it means that BlackBerry users can freely communicate with more of their friends and family. Prior to launching on Android and iOS, BBM had over 60 million active users. BlackBerry now reports that the number has climbed to more than 80 million people who actively use the messaging client, and the number is sure to rise now that BlackBerry has removed its waiting list for new sign-ups on Android and iOS.

The real value for BBM going cross-platform will appear in future updates to the Android and iPhone version. BlackBerry plans to add BBM Voice and Video calling to both versions within a few months. Once users gain the ability to place free Wi-Fi audio or video calls, BBM will be more valuable to Android and iPhone users, as well as those on BlackBerry.

Author: Andrew Kameka

Andrew Kameka is a Miami native with five years of experience covering mobile technology. A graduate of FIU, he has also written about soccer, music, and the entertainment industry.

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