Windows Phone 8 1 Concept Design Emerges 2 500x156 Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue)  Features Leaked: notification center and Siri like assistant on the way

The Verge has fresh information on the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update and it looks promising to say the least. The thing that will be the biggest update for most users is the addition of "Cortana," the voice activated personal assistant which claims to be more integrated and useful than Siri or S-Voice. But there are a bunch of other new tricks coming to Windows Phone according to the report; let's take a look at them...

With the popularity of cheaper low memory Windows Phone devices like the Lumia 520, users were running into issue regarding memory space for apps. Windows Phone 8.1 will fix that issue with  micro SD card support for installing apps and games. This is a HUGE win for users worldwide that should allow Windows Phone devices to still compete with the low end Android devices.

Other new notable features coming with this update are:

  • 3D touch system: Now users can interact with the device without touching the screen
  • Notification Center: Windows Phone will FINALLY get a centralized notification center that can be accessed by swiping down and it can even be accessed on the lock screen
  • Virtual Buttons: Windows Phone will now support virtual buttons for "back, home, search"
  • Separate Volume Control:  Media volume will be controlled separately from ringtone/notification volume
  • Deeper Social Integration: Facebook and Twitter will be integrated even deeper into the Windows Phone experience.  (People Hub)
  •  Gesture Based Interactions: Swiping left will clear Tiles without having to open the program

It looks like Windows Phone 8.1 will arrive next year and help Microsoft answer the bell on the "shortcomings" of its mobile OS. A lot of these updates are features that tech bloggers and regular users have been calling for Microsoft to address. What are the features you would like to see coming to Windows Phone and do these updates bring the OS on par with Android in terms of functionality?


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