Google Glass companion iPhone app appears briefly in App Store

Google Glass has been something popping up on everyone's radar because of its unique way of getting notifications, taking photos, and searching for information with a special display resting above the user's right eye. It now appears that Glass will be popping up on even more people’s face because the app is breaking away from its dependency on Android. At least that's what it seems like based on what Google did earlier today.

For a short while in the afternoon, a MyGlass iPhone app was published to the App Store before it was removed by Google. The reason for the removal is unclear, but some people managed to download the app before it was suspended. The app may have been removed so Google can fix some connection issues that may appear until the company can update Google Glass units.

Whatever the reason for the temporary suspension, it’s clear that Google Glass is finally breaking its Android exclusivity. Does anyone have $1,500 I can borrow so I can pair this with my iPhone 5s?


Author: Andrew Kameka

Andrew Kameka is a Miami native with five years of experience covering mobile technology. A graduate of FIU, he has also written about soccer, music, and the entertainment industry.

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