Ubuntu Touch preview now dual boots on Android phones

Canonical has been working to get its Linux-based Unbuntu operating system onto more devices, and the company has had its eyes on mobile by preparing Ubuntu for smartphones. Skilled users no longer have to get a sense of Ubuntu by loading it up on a spare device or using it as a daily driver; the OS can now boot onto an Android device and then switch back to its regular software. It's a big step in putting the OS in more hands, but it may not be for everyone.

Canonical warns that only developers or experienced flashers should attempt to install this preview because this will rewrite the Android recovery partition dual boot is "not a feature suitable for regular users." Those of you brave enough to give it a try will be able to switch between Android and Ubuntu with a single tap. Pressing the Ubuntu Dual Boot app in either OS will allow the user to switch to Ubuntu or Android and then return with the same app.

Dual boot instructions are available here.


Author: Andrew Kameka

Andrew Kameka is a Miami native with five years of experience covering mobile technology. A graduate of FIU, he has also written about soccer, music, and the entertainment industry.

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