Rumors: iPhone 6 Display Production to Start Next Month and a Leak of Picture of the Housing for it

At one point not too long ago all new Apple products were heavily guarded secrets and you wouldn't even get a whiff of them until the official unveiling. This is no longer true; in fact there is not just one but two iPhone leaks to report today.

The first is the above picture rumored to be taken inside Foxconn itself and it seems to back up the larger 4.7 inch display rumor that has been going around.

Speaking of the 4.7 inch display, according to Reuters’ supply chain sources, the smaller of two display will start production next month. However, the rumored larger 5.5 inch display will not be produced "because of technology and production restraints."

If either of these rumors is true, Apple will be taking a big step toward larger screens and will be going against years of anti-phablet statements. Perhaps the outcry for a large device from the base of iPhone users was simply too much and Apple had to relent. While it has to pain Apple to make such a move I think it will be successful one in the long term.


Author: Kevin Everett

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