Noreve iPad Air Tradition leather case review

Noreve manufactures premium handmade leather cases for smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices. Their products are made to very high standards and the iPad Air Tradition leather case is no exception.


Noreve supplies this case in a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes. Our sample came in the “Ambition” black finish, which in our opinion looks really nice, both stylish and classy.

The leather case comes in a beautiful red-and-black gift box, which also includes a nice red draw-string carrying bag as an offer.


Examining the case, you can see that it is superbly built, with a high-end luxury look and lots of fine finishing details. The leather itself is very soft and pleasant to the touch. This case is padded and reinforced, to keep your iPad Air safe in case of accidental impacts.


The case comes with inserts for business or credit cards in the front cover and also a large insert for holding documents or other papers. The case is kept firmly closed with a leather flap that comes with a kind of magnetic lock commonly seen on some leather purses.


Fitting the iPad Air inside the case is easy and the frame holds the iPad very firmly. Getting the iPad out of the case is not as easy, requiring a little bit of force, but that’s actually reassuring, as it means that the grip is tight and secure.

 The case gives good access to all iPad’s buttons and functions, including openings in the back for the camera and microphone. All cutouts are well aligned, but if you want to be nit-picking, the camera and microphone holes in the back are very slightly off-centered. This doesn’t impact functionality at all, as they both have complete clearance, so it’s only a very slight aesthetical detail, which isn’t even that obvious when not looking for it.


On the back of the case, there’s a folding leather stand to hold the iPad in the landscape position. To close the stand, there’s a button that keeps it firmly in place. When closed, the stand fits in an insert, so that the back cover is kept flat.


You can also hold the iPad in portrait mode, by keeping the case upright and not fully opened, but it’s not very practical or secure to use it like this, so it’s better to just stick with landscape mode, using the built-in stand. Also featured is a magnetic cover that awakes and puts the iPad in standby upon opening and closing, respectively.

 We’ve used this case intensively and without any special care, for some time now and it still looks and feels like new. The leather and finishing looks to be very durable and is easy to keep it clean and looking good.

On the “not-so-good” side, the price of having such a sturdy case is that it is a bit weighty, which makes your iPad not-so “Air-light”. But that’s a small price to pay for such protection, really.

 Also worth mentioning, the leather flap that is used to keep the case closed has a metal lock with a small round “pin”. We think this can be a bit dangerous, as one can accidentally press it against the iPad’s screen and eventually scratch it. To avoid this when using the iPad, we always lock the flap on the backside of the cover, as pictured below:

Also, it’s probably better to have some kind of screen protector, just in case.

However, this issue could have been avoided by just using a magnetic lock, with the metal or magnet inside the leather flap, without any metal parts exposed. Alternatively, the lock mechanism could have been reversed, locking in the back of the case, so to keep the flap and metal lock away from the screen.

Looking at Noreve’s website, we can see they already implemented the lock without the exposed metal part on the iPad Mini case:

This feels to be a safer option, so maybe Noreve will also implement this in the future for the iPad Air’s case. All in all, this is far from a deal-breaker and it’s only a matter of being careful.

 The Noreve iPad Air Tradition leather case can be bought directly on the Noreve Site for a starting price of €70.75 which can vary in accordance to the finishing that you choose.

In summary:

The good:

  • Durable, premium quality leather and finish
  • Elegant, slim and sophisticated look

  • Comfortable texture and grip

  • Very practical leather stand (for landscape use), with lock button to keep it closed when not in use

  • Can hold iPad in portrait position (not as usable as with landscape stand)

  • Good fit

  • Good access to all buttons and connections

  • Good clearance of camera, microphone and speakers

  • iPad is held very tight and secure to the case’s frame


  • Padded and reinforced case protects against impact

  • Standby/awake iPad upon closing/opening

  • Leather flap with magnetic lock keeps the case firmly closed

  • Inserts for business or credit cards and a flap for securing documents inside the cover are nice business-class additions

The not-so-good:

  • Reinforced case means it’s a bit heavy

  • Camera and back microphone holes very slightly off-centered (purely aesthetical, but could be better, for the price)

  • Leather flap has a metal lock that requires some care to avoid scratching the iPad’s screen if one is not careful enough – Noreve’s iPad Mini equivalent case has already solved this issue

In conclusion, there are already many alternative leather cases out there for your iPad Air, but if you’re looking for a premium quality product, with that extra “touch of class”, luxury finish and refinement, you should definitely consider the Noreve iPad Air Tradition leather case.

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