Rumor: iPhone 6 Design Leak From Dummy Unit

There have been several leaks of the iPhone 6 recently but they have been generic slabs of plastic in the rumored 4.7-inch size. None have looked too convincing to this point. However, the latest leak from 86digi has a dummy iPhone 6 with all the ports, buttons and speakers in place. There is even a "walk through" video. Check it out below:

This video "verifies" the following rumors:

  1. The 4.7 inch screen size
  2. The new iPhone being 6mm thick
  3. Back metal design being three stages
  4. The power button being on the side

The issue with this leak is that it confirms details that were already so heavily leaked that this could easily be a 3D render made by someone based on those rumors alone. Since none of this information can be verified I will simply call this news interesting and pass it on to you.


Author: Kevin Everett

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