Touch ID to arrive on all iPhones and iPads?

Touch ID

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor included on the iPhone 5s was a bold and innovative move on Apple’s part, one that other companies such as Samsung have been quick to follow. However, while Touch ID is a dazzling piece of tech, the software is still not at a mature stage, and applications for its use are, by design, not readily available. That will not stop Apple continuing to use Touch ID on future devices as the company has certainly given the software plenty of future proof potential.

According to an analyst at KGI Securities, Apple is willing to put virtually its whole product line behind Touch ID in 2014 and beyond. Ming-Chi Kuo’s research note was published by AppleInsider and it appears the KGI Securities analyst thinks Apple will put a Touch ID finger print sensor on every iOS device launched this year that is not from the iPod line.

That means any iPad or iPhone released in 2014 will be boasting the Touch ID software and hardware, while products like the iPod Touch and Classic will miss out on the tech. None of that is much of a surprise, although knowing if an analyst is bang on the money or shooting into thin air is never easy to tell. However, Kuo’s assessment does not require a lot of deduction to come to the conclusion it is probably right.

For example, the Touch ID is already on Apple’s iPhone 5s, so it is a virtual guarantee that it will show up on the next flagship, the iPhone 6. What about the iPad line and the iPhone 5c though? Many had predicted that Touch ID would show up on the iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina, but it did not. It seems likely that Apple held the tech back for a year and that it could arrive on the tablets this Fall, while a fingerprint sensor would be an addition to boost the appeal of the cheaper iPhone 5c this year (that could be the rumoured iPhone Air).

It seems rather obvious, but Kou concluded his report by saying the increased coverage of the Touch ID software will result in more sales of the module in 2014.


Author: Luke Jones

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