OnePlus One delayed again due to CyanogenMod issues

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One is arguably the ultimate smartphone package. Cool, smart, packed with top specs, and wildly affordable, its very existence has made the mobile world sit up and take notice. However, you know that saying about things being too good to be true? The One is slowly becoming something like that as the device has been delayed once again.

The Oppo-connected startup OnePlus now has all eyes on it and at the moment it is flattering to deceive. The handset was supposed to arrive in May with a very limited release but a software issue prevented its roll out and now another software bug is hitting the smartphone. This time an issue with CyanogenMod, the modified version of Android running on the One, is preventing its release.

Bugs and hiccups are to be expected for several reasons. Firstly, this is the first time the CyanogenMod S will roll out on a manufacturers device, so teething problems are no surprise. It is also obvious that OnePlus is not used to dealing with a roll out when the eyes of the world a watching. The One has caused a stir and most in the tech community are now watching the device, making it an overnight sensation. A relatively small startup is not used to things on this scale, so bumps in the road could be a necessary evil, especially when promising to do so much so soon.

However, there is no getting away from the fact that despite all the promises and obvious quality of the OnePlus One, the handset is still not available. We are still plenty excited to see the One arrive of course, and its core experience seems to offer the most value of money on the market. Although we will never know until we actually hold one in our hands and get to play with it for a bit, so we hope the company can sort the issues out and release the smartphone.


Author: Luke Jones

Luke Jones is a qualified tech writer who graduated from Glamorgan University in the United Kingdom four years ago. He has since written tech for numerous websites while also freelanching on a range of other subjects.

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