OnePlus One available for $100 above retail price and without CyanogenMod

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The OnePlus One is now rolling out to invite-only customers, but there other ways to get hold of the handset without having to be one of the lucky ones. OppoMart, an online retailer specializing in mobile and electronics has the One available for sale, although the price may put off some interested in the so far scarce smartphone.

OppoMart has placed a mark-up on the OnePlus One, clearly thinking some people will pay extra for the privilege of owning the much anticipated device before it gets a wider rollout. Indeed, the usual price of the One is $300, but OppoMart will give you the smartphone for $400 if you are particularly desperate to get the handset.

Don't get me wrong, the OnePlus One is decent value even at $400, but i think it would be madness to pay $100 over the retail price just to get this handset early. While on paper the One looks fantastic, it is the $300 price tag with flagship specs that really make it appealing. The handset offers nothing new from a hardware or design perspective, so in my humble opinion does not warrant a $100 price hike.

At $400 the One will still be a good handset with its flagship baiting quality, but the farther away from the $300 retail price the device gets, the less appealing it is. Of course, there is also the added worry that no one is really sure if the OnePlus device is any good in the real world while working day to day. Admittedly the early signs around this smartphone are good, but the One is still very much an unknown, while one of the One’s big selling points is missing from the OppoMart version.

Last week the release of the One was held back again because of issues with the CyanogenMod Android software. That means the OppoMart version will be lacking CyanogenMod and will come with the stock Color OS, although CyanogenMod will be available when it is ready. We think there are some mighty caveats with this deal, but if you simply must have the OnePlus One and are not on the invite list, this is your only way to get the handset.


Author: Luke Jones

Luke Jones is a qualified tech writer who graduated from Glamorgan University in the United Kingdom four years ago. He has since written tech for numerous websites while also freelanching on a range of other subjects.

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