The SmartPhone War Heats Up: Apple Samsung Ship Same Number of Devices

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It looks like the smartphone war just got a little more interesting.  Reports now show that Samsung's recent struggles combined with Apples new found love for phablets and the Chinese market have both companies shipping the same number of smartphones out the door.  Apple and Samsung  shipped around 74.5 million devices in Q4 of 2014.

These number a combination of a few factors.  First the new iPhone 6 came out during this time frame and this is historically when Apple does it's best numbers.  With the new larger screens on these devices they have skimmed off a few new Android user who couldn't see themselves using a sub 4.5 inch screen.  Also Apples push into the Chinese market finally is starting to bear some fruit sales wise and when you get traction in the worlds biggest market look out.

On Samsung's part it's same issues that have been plaguing them for a while now Chinese manufactures are producing high quality Android devices for about half what Samsung charges.  Plus they are also making low end devices at a value added price point that Samsung simply can't compete with.

Samsung's dependance on Google's Android OS is coming back to haunt them, they simply can't find away to make their devices stand out from the competition anymore to point where it's worth paying the premium price.  Meanwhile if you want an iOS device Apple is the only game in town and you will pay the price no matter what it is.  The real question is where does Samsung go from here?  Nokia was smart enough to diversify their portfolio with businesses like networks, mapping, etc... and now they are making a comeback.  Is it time for Samsung to start doing the same?


Author: Kevin Everett

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