Google Takes It’s Ball and Goes Home Softcard to be an Android Only App


In a move that I guess shouldn't really surprise anyone Google has pulled the mobile wallet service Softcard from all App Stores and is only bringing it back for Android devices.  For those of you not familiar with the service Softcard is a NFC based mobile wallet that allows you swipe to pay for items it was bought by Google few months back.

This move is to compete with Apple Pay...Softcard was the payment system backed by all the major US carriers.  Now it is learned in a press release this app will be only for Android devices which leaves Windows Phone user in the dark.

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While the user base for Windows Phone isn't that high stateside (around 6 million users) one would think it would be worth Google's time to simply continue to support the app that is already made and take a cut of every transaction paid with it. Your move Microsoft Google just handed you a new revenue stream now just make the tap to pay app to work with the wallet app already on your smartphones.


Author: Kevin Everett

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