Mobile World Congress Round Up

mobile-world-congressMobile Word Congress is making a comeback per say.  In years past the tech world's heavy hitters have started to ignore this event but in 2015 it seems like everyone brought something to table this year from Samsung to HTC to Microsoft to Jolla....only Apple isn't represented.  While everyone else is bombarding you with post after post after post from this event I'd like to do something a little different for you.  We are going to summarize each companies big announcement with a link if you want more info.  A one stop time saving shop if you will.

Samsung has sent out it's two big flagship guns with the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge.  Both these devices have flagship specs.  5.1 inch screens, Octo core processor, 3gb of ram, 2550 battery with a 16mp shooter on the back.  Want more info? Click here

Microsoft launched two devices themselves the Lumia 640 and 640XL. The specs are pretty much the same on both these devices expect the screen size on these "budget devices" the XL sports an impressive 5.7 inch display and both have a 13mp on the rear. Check out the hands on here with the XL and here for the 640 itself.

HTC has launched it's new flagship One M9 5 inch display, 3gb of RAM, Octo core processor, 32gb of internal storage and a 20mp camera on the back.  While this device was released in Android form right now it is widely expected that the "for Windows" version will be out at some point in the next six months.  More info here.

While I am not a huge wearables fan Huawei has released about the most fashionable smart watch I have seen yet.  In fact it's something I'd even consider's rounded screen the hi res display.  Battery life is yet to be really tested however it's never great on these devices.  More info here.

Others had launches too: (click on the name for more info for each) Sony Xperia S4, Jolla is showing off it's tablet and it's latest version of it's Sailfish OS, Alcatel released it's new OneTouch Hero 2,  last thing of real note is the Lenovo Vibe Shot for “those who want a phone that looks and feels like a camera.”

There are other things going on at MWC and I will have more reports out however you are now quickly up to date with all the major announcements.


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