How to Get Mobile Consumers to Upgrade


In the past when new flagships came out there was ton of new cool "must have" features that would make you break your piggy bank and order one the day it came out.  Recently however it seems that nothing like that has come around.  The Yota phone with it's dual screen has been out for years now and while the Samsung Galaxy Edge is pretty cool it's not getting me to drop 300 bucks and sign a new contract.

I only am writing this post myself because my daily driver is the 2013 flagship device Lumia 1520 and for the first time in about a decade I have no urge to jump phones to the next generation.  In fact I can't even see a feature that would make me do so.

Most of the advances are now slightly more RAM, octo core processors, slightly better camera or a a minor bump in the screen PPI,  None of these things are truly felt by the end user in everyday use.  The one thing I can see on the horizon that would MAKE me change devices is a truly fold-able screen.  If I can carry around a 5 inch device that can unfold into a 10 inch tablet seamlessly....take my money.  This is no matter who makes it and what OS it runs.

I say this now and if something ground breaking comes out next month and I will change phones.  But for right now I have had a device for over a year and have no plans to change anytime soon.  That's a problem for the mobile OEM's if you can't get a tech geek like me to upgrade to a new device with your latest flagship what's the chances with non tech set?

Author: Kevin Everett

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