The SmartWatch is Now Supersized Welcome “Rufus Cuff”

wristtabletYou know it was only a matter of time till some stopped trying to squeeze a smartphone into a watch and simply said to heck with it lets simply put a smartphone on peoples wrists.  Well that day is here welcome the "Rufus Cuff".  This device is doesn't even pretend to be a watch it's a brand new mobile category.

I don't really know who this is aimed it it's 2000's version of the watch calculator that was seen on the techist people back in the early 80's


While it's true we were all enamored it at the time no one actually wanted to wear it.  I think this product will be in the same boat.  However I have been know to be wrong before so you should check out the promo video below just in case.

Like what you see or simply want to see more?  You can check out their official website here.

Author: Kevin Everett

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