T-Mobile Has an App That Will Unlock Your (One) Android Phone


T-Mobile has made the leap into the App world with what on the surface is a great idea.  An app that unlocks your device to use with any carrier!  Not shockingly it's called device unlock and it's available in the Play Store right now.

So what's not to love here?  The fact that it only works with one device.....the Samsung Galaxy Avant.

There are two options: Permanent unlock, or temporary. The idea with having both is that you can unlock a device for 30 days if – for instance – you’re going on vacation abroad and want to be able to use a local GSM carrier’s SIM. Once you select an option, it checks a remote system for eligibility and then unlocks your device. There are some  T-Mobile’s terms check them out before you download.


Author: Kevin Everett

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