10 Core Devices Coming Soon to a Pocket Near You


For all of you out there with your Octo core phones with 4Gb of RAM guess what?  Your phone is now officially outdated.  That's right the same company that brought you the first Octo core processor for your phones Mediatek has new launched a deca-core processor.  That's right a 10 core processor.

What the heck would you do with ten cores anyway?  Well truth be told nothing.  In fact there is a pretty slim chance that all ten cores would ever be running at one time.  Could they? Yes of course they could however it's more about battery life than anything. Confused? Let's clear that up now.

It seems there will be four power efficient cores to run your day to day mundane stuff email, facebook,  Twitter, etc...  Than there will four more slightly powerful battery draining cores to run normal gaming and finally two top end battery sucking cores to run the really graphic heavy stuff.  All these cores being chose at the right time will give you the most battery lift and best performance.

When you see this processor in a device? Not till 2016 but at least you know what the Galaxy S7 will be running before the rumors even start to fly about it's specs.


Author: Kevin Everett

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