Samsung Gets a HUGE Break in it’s Apple Settlement


Way back in 2012 Samsung and Apple had a court dispute in which Apple got award a whopping $930 million dollars in damages.  This was for "violating Apple's intellectual property."  Well that ruling was partly reversed. It seems that Samsung did not violate Apple's trade dress — broader elements of design and aesthetic that dictate the presentation of Apple's gadgets.  This got the damages dropped... a lot all they way down too $548 million from $930 million.

While that's still a great deal of money it's a $382 million discount for Samsung.  What is exactly is "trade dress"?

Design elements that are nonfunctional and these design choices were seemingly made for the sake of customer comfort.

Apple claimed that "a rectangular product with four evenly rounded corners," "a flat, clear surface covering the front of the product" is trade dress and had no impact on functionally.  The court disagreed and tossed that part of the law suit out.

Need more info on this ruling?  You can see the whole thing here.


Author: Kevin Everett

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