Here’s Why Phone Design Doesn’t Matter


If there is one thing I use to LOVE about new devices when they first got introduced was design.  There are magic designs out there.  The HTC One is still a piece of art work, the latest Galaxy device is nice, iPhone's (while I hate the OS) are very well crafted and designed devices.  But something has changed in the past few years that made all of this design obsolete.


Yup that's right somewhere along the way smartphone OEM's have started a war about how thin a device is, how little bezel it has and how light the phone is.  These phone are very, very pretty and impressive.  This thinness comes with the price of weakness and lets face it's an expensive device to produce.

Thin, expensive, frail device the needs to last consumers at least 18 months?  Only one thing left to do that's case up the phone.  Face it when you get a new device if you don't buy a case at the store you have already ordered it online and treat the phone like a newborn till said case arrives.  In reality most people buy their device look at it's prettiness for oh three minutes case it up and never see the naked device ever again.

Here's my call out to OEM's stop the nonsense!  Make a reasonably thick device, make it a little more durable and put a bigger battery into it.  A device like that would sell like hotcakes!!  Or perhaps I am just a little too old school here.

Author: Kevin Everett

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