Is There an Android BlackBerry Coming?


It seems that BlackBerry is in the process of throwing in the towel and in a bid to stay afloat they are concerning making an Android device according to Reuters.  This is due to the fact that the BB10 line of phones didn't take off like they would have hoped.

According to the reports there are two sources inside BlackBerry that have confirmed this information.  Also the first device is rumored to be a slider device that will be released this fall in the US/Canadian Market.

BlackBerry has just announced that it is cutting it's work force even further than it's current low of only 6,225 employees.   If this report is true I personally beleieve BlackBerry would drown even quicker that it currently is.  BB10 is a fine a really great operating system that carries the buttonless features like MeeGo.

Author: Kevin Everett

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