Windows 10 Mobile Coming in October According to Documents

win10 leak

With the launch of Windows 10 for computers less then a week away it leaves us in the mobile market wondering when we will get some Windows 10 update love.  While Microsoft themselves have been pretty tight lipped about it the main rumor was "sometime in the fall"  Now we have some information that seems to back that rumor up.

The chart you see above is from a French Carrier French carrier SFR and shows almost ALL Lumias across the board getting the Windows 10 update in October or November.  Missing from this list is all non-Lumia devices and while there aren't that many flagship non-Lumia's out there if I had a HTC One for Windows I'd be a bit worried.

Does this mean you will be getting your update then? Not really this is in France and it would be kind of tough for Microsoft to push this update to all 1 billion users at once.  However this does mean that something is coming for the holiday season.  New OS, new devices and hopefully for Microsoft new sales.


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