Jolla Will Split Into Two Companies


While Nokia's handset business is no longer in business (for now) the company that formed from it's defectors when Nokia went Windows Phone is alive and well.  In fact Jolla is doing so well it's going to split into two companies one to continue it's devices division and another to do handle it's Sailfish OS licensing.

Why this move? Well according to   Dr. Antti Saarnio, Chairman of Board of Jolla Ltd:

“Every young company has to find its clear focus at some time, and for Jolla that time is now. We have huge opportunities in the Sailfish OS licensing business, and I am very proud and excited to take responsibility of steering the Jolla ship to a new commercial phase. After three years of intensive Sailfish OS research & development we are now moving full speed to new bigger waters, which requires full focus on software from the team.”

"We have already proven that there is demand for unlike Jolla devices in the market and we continue to see good opportunities for it. We have now decided to continue the Jolla devices business under a new company, focusing on security enhanced devices.”

Hopefully this means that Sailfish will expand beyond Jolla devices and on to uncharted waters.  Perhaps even back to Nokia devices when they can start making them again?

Author: Kevin Everett

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