Google Beefs Up Security by Teaming Up with Blackberry


Google has been trying to get the enterprise sector for a while now but could never quite convince the public that their devices were secure enough to trust with their sensitive business data.  Now they have teamed up with mobile leader in protecting data BlackBerry and have announced Google Play for Work with BES12.

This means you can have the fun of Android device (which most of  your staff owns) and business security of a Blackberry (which you want/need for you business)  Check out  the details below.


Android Lollipop delivers key enterprise functionality and addresses any previous enterprise security concerns. BES12 supports Android Lollipop, allowing you to confidently deploy Android devices in your organization.

Lowest TCO

Achieve the lowest TCO, reduce complexity, optimize pooled resources, and ensure maximum uptime with the modern architecture of BES12.

Unified administration console

Manage all endpoints through one, consolidated, easy-to-use console.

Comprehensive EMM

Whether you manage a single, hardened, connected endpoint or allow personal device usage, BES12 gives you control over the availability and usage of devices, apps, activities and critical data through flexible deployment models (BYOD/COPE/COBO) and can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid.

Client-side lockdown

Control all the corporate assets being used on your employees’ mobile devices, regardless of ownership model.

World-class global support

Industry-leading support is included with all BES12 annual subscriptions.

End-to-end security

Using industry-leading encryption, containerization, app-wrapping and BlackBerry’s secure global infrastructure, BES12 locks down critical data both on-device and in-transit. With secured work spaces on Android devices, all of your data traffic is routed through a single secure connection behind your firewall, via our world-renowned NOC, protecting your most important asset – your business data.


Author: Kevin Everett

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