Huawei to Make the Next Nexus Devices?


Huawei is a huge smartphone company struggling to break into the American market.  There are a few devices here and there sold on Ebay and Amazon but major carriers have yet to pick them up.  Google is looking to announce it's Play Store for China and needs a partner to do so.  Solution?  Well according to reports it's for both of these companies to pair up and make some Nexus devices.

While the details are still a little fuzzy according to employee at the Huawei's UK branch this exactly what is going to happen.  Not only would the benefits listed above be realized but also perhaps Google could get back to it's original intent with the Nexus series.

nexusYou remember a great low cost Android device running stock Android and showing off just how great stock android is if no one skins it? Huawei makes great, quality devices with lots of power for not a lot of money.  Here's hoping this rumor is true for it would be a consumer win all they way around.


Author: Kevin Everett

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