Nokia Teases Event at the End of the Month

Nokia-event-teaser_1Nokia has been pretty quiet lately.  Ever since Microsoft bought them out they have been planning something more then just the tablet they have already released, but no one knows quite what.... Now it seems on July 28 in LA they are ready to let everyone know well......something.

Above you see invitations for a "nowhere now here" event on the Evening of July 28th at the Hudson Loft in LA for "VIP's" .  While sadly I am not one of those VIP's I can't wait to see what they have in store.  There is no further information available as of now on what this event is about.

It's not going to be about smartphones, they can't make them till 4Qtr of next year....I don't think they are going to launch their tablet stateside. So....we are going to guess it's about their "Here Maps" suite.  What about it I don't know but you read this post expecting me to predict something and now I did.

Whatever it is keep it here and in 8 days when I find out what it is exactly I will report back to you.


Author: Kevin Everett

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