Is Anyone Going to Carry the Nokia Hardware Banner?

Flags with the Nokia logo flutter at the

No matter how you feel about the devices Nokia has made in the past you can't deny one thing......Nokia made some quality hardware.  From the old school 3310, to the all aluminum N8 to right down to the last Lumia devices to come off the line Nokia devices were durable,  reliable and simply quality all around.

Now Microsoft has bought off Nokia's hardware division and seems to simply be cranking out whatever designs Nokia had left in the pipeline. While none of these devices are flagship devices they are still Nokia quality.  With all the layoffs Microsoft have done they got rid of almost of the leftover Nokians.  There are rumors that Microsoft will be outsourcing Lumia's production to Foxconn and use a new design. Even Nokia themselves stated if they make phones again it will be them designing a device and simply lending their name to it.  Someone else will produce, market, sell and service these devices.  They will not be the Nokia quality of old.

So that begs the question who's going to pick up the torch and run with it.  The only company that comes close in my mind is HTC.  While they haven't figured out what to do about a camera they are the only company that doesn't think thin, thin plastic devices are the way to go.  Samsung has great internals but very fragile hardware, all of the up and coming OEM's are making fast, high spec'd devices made out of thin plastic that all REQUIRE cases.

Let me know if you have a Nokia device now who are you switching too?

Author: Kevin Everett

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