HTC to Debut One X9 Soon

We have been pretty critical about HTC on these pages regarding two things, the company bombarding the market with high end smartphones, and the One A9 that was billed as a flagship but simply isn’t one. It is an interesting position the company is in, not wanting to flood the market further, but also knowing that the A9 is simply not a competitor against similarly priced handsets.

That means HTC has to go again, it has to work on another flagship to be launched soon, and that device is likely to be the One X9. The device will probably not roll out until the first quarter of 2016, although a leaked promotion image almost suggests that the X9 is ready to go. Either way, this is HTC as it should have been with the One A9, delivering something that is worthy of the flagship moniker.

Firstly, the promotion image reveals that handset to be good looking and we know when HTC decides to do good looking, the company is just about the best out there. The One X9 certainly fits that, it look slick and beautiful, while its specs will finally see HTC deliver the “hero device” that the One A9 was supposed to be.

Such features as BoomSound front facing stereo speakers are back, while HTC is positioning the One X9 to compete shoulder to shoulder with the best devices on the market. There will be a Quad HD screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of native storage, a 3500mAh battery, and a 23 megapixel primary camera.

We want HTC to succeed, the One M7 is still one of the very best smartphones ever and the company has showed that it can shake the industry. However, we have been burned badly by HTC, the 2015 edition of the company, and especially with the One A9. All we have to say regarding the One X9 is:
We hope this is true

Author: Luke Jones

Luke Jones is a qualified tech writer who graduated from Glamorgan University in the United Kingdom four years ago. He has since written tech for numerous websites while also freelanching on a range of other subjects.

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