Nokia 230 is Microsoft’s New Feature Phone


A blast from the past, it is still amazing to think that mobile juggernaut Nokia is now longer really with us in a hardware capacity… until now. While Nokia helped to put the Windows platform on the map in recent years, the company is still best known for being the feature phone king, the best-selling mobile phone maker in the world during the 2000-2010 decade. The Finnish brand is now back with a new feature phone, the Nokia 230.

Sort of. That burst of nostalgia quickly ebbs when you learn that this is Microsoft’s handset and not Nokia’s. Of course, Redmond purchased Nokia’s Lumia brand and with it came licensing of the Nokia name until 2016, so Microsoft has slapped the Nokia name on the 230, probably because it knows that Nokia is a hugely respected name in the feature phone market.

Don’t underestimate Microsoft in this market either, thanks to feature phone sales the company is the third largest mobile manufacturer in the world. In terms of feature phones the Nokia 230 gets just about every single thing right and it is even a good looking old thing too. We are sure those limited by economy will love this, while we can also see mobile enthusiasts and hipsters casting covetous glances to the 230 as a second device.

The specs are large unimportant on a handset like this, but some of the most important include the Series 30+ platform, 16MB of RAM, a 2.8-inch screen with 240 x 320 resolution, and a 2MP lens on the back and a 2MP lens on the front, both of which comes with LED flash. It also sports Bluetooth 3.0 and GSM connectivity. The handset ships with Bing Search, Opera Mini Browser, and MSN Weather all on board.

As we mentioned, the Nokia 230 looks great in that old school kind of way and will be on sale across Asia from December at the price of $55. Any takers?

SOURCE: MobileBurn

Author: Luke Jones

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